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 About us

Founded in 1962, we started as a machinery manufacturing company with our products specifically targeted to the textile industry. From our basic product. The company now offers its customers a wide range of machines. The manufacturing Plant was started at Navsari in South Gujarat, a couple of miles away from Surat – one of the largest textile manufacturing zone in India.

The first machine developed and manufactured was the Cone Winder. The same was marketed and sold to domestic clients. This machine was well accepted in the market and the Company started getting orders from all the corners of the country.

The Company, then, went into foreign collaborations with many world leaders in the manufacture of textile machineries. This included :

manufacturing company

The Company in its R&D designed and manufactured these machines with latest technology upgradation and by the year 2000, the Company sells the following machines to domestic and export markets.

An In-House Tool Room is used for development work as well as the production of high precision Jigs, Fixtures, Press Tools, etc. These items are checked regularly to ensure consistency of our products. Due to good quality production aids the output of the manufacturing shop is consistent and the percentage of rejection is nil. The Tool Room is equipped with all types of precision machines including Grinding machines, Tool and Cutter Grinder, Pentograph machines, etc. to cope with our demanding requirements.

Engineering Design is carried out on an intelligent Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. The CNC machines which are capable of 3 – Dimensional machining are linked with the aforementioned CAD – CAM system. Solid Modelling is used to allow the designer to predict performance of the product at the design stage itself. Jigs, Fixtures and Patterns are also developed using this facility. Software for Computer Aided Machining is used to incorporate various tools into the machining programs, which are then directly transferred to the CNC machines.

Quality is an obsession with those at PEASS. All the components are inspected at every stage with utmost care. Quality in the Assembly Department is controlled at the Bench and Floor Assembly stages to minimize any problems at the customer’s end. A separate Spares and Services cell functions for after sales services and the supply of spare parts. The Customer Services Manager handles the customer grievances and provides feedback for continuous improvement in our products.

A LAN based EDP Department is established for the automation and speedy execution of Administrative, Production Planning and Inventory Control requirements.

Human Resource Development is an ongoing process at PEASS. Training to all employees at all levels is imparted regularly. Employee involvement programs like Quality Circles have been underway for some time now and they have yielded very encouraging results.

A strong ancillary base has also been developed over the years. Most of the ancillary units work for PEASS exclusively. Not only are they given technical assistance, but there is also a constant process of surveillance and quality audits done at their premises by PEASS Engineers.

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